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She Sticks Forks in Her Garden For a Truly Genius Reason!

A real therapeutic way to get rid of stress and to get some quality time alone in the beautiful nature, is the simple gardening.

A garden in your backyard can contribute to the beauty and character of your home, while gathering the benefits of your hard work with delicious and most important natural herbs and foods to enjoy.

Everyone wants a nice garden in their backyard, regardless if they are gardening enthusiasts or if they simply don’t have a green thumb.

The following tips and tricks will help all of you who may consider yourself as part of the latter group.

You may avoid gardening because you think your plants won’t grow strong and healthy, but with these tips you will no longer have to worry and you will have a successful and beautiful garden.

  1. Muffin tins can serve as planting guides

It may be your favorite utensil in the kitchen, but you can use in your garden as well. Press it in the soil to obtain a perfect grid and plant your seeds successfully. This will provide a perfect spacing!

  1. Glass bottles fit well in paths

If your children like to spend their day playing in the sun, mark the pathway using glass bottles. In this way they will know the borders of their ‘playground,’ and your plants will be safe!

  1. Old spoons can turn into joyful garden markers

With the use of hammer, flatten old metal spoons to make garden markers. Then, be creative and use colorful pain for the spoons.

They really are cool garden markers, don’t they? In case you don’t have old metal spoons, use plastic ones. Don’t forget to save the spoons every time you get takeout.

  1. Old bottles can keep your plants hydrates

You can use empty wine bottles to provide your plants with enough water. Fill the bottle with water, and stick it upside down in the soil.

  1. Plastic forks can fortify your garden

What to do with an empty wine bottle? If you’re worried that your plants aren’t getting enough water, fill an old bottle with water and place it upside down in your plant!

  1. Old colander and silverware can become your new planter and wind chime

Attach some old kitchen utensils to the bottom of a colander, then flip it over, and plant in your favorite flower. Now you have your own DIY planter and wind chime!

  1. Old glass bottles add a nice flair to narrow places

If you don’t have enough space for a garden in your backyard, but you want to add greenery there, just make a side opening in an old glass bottle, and put some soil and seeds or a plant inside the bottle.

  1. Old cans can serve as plant holders

Wash and clean empty cans, carefully remove their lids using a can opener, and paint them.

Use an empty can to make plant holder. Wash them and remove their lids with a can opener, and then paint them with your favorite color.

Cans will probably require several coats of paint to completely cover their original text, color and logo.

Make sure your cans are dry before filling them with soil and add some herb inside. You will quickly make a perfect herb garden in your small space.

Source: https://gonutripro.com

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