She Put Exactly 14 Eggs In Ice Cube Tray And Left It In The Freezer For 2 Hours. When She Saw What Happened Next She Decided To Do The Same Thing Every Day!

In today’s article we are going to present you new ways to freeze your food. If you have excess amount of eggs at home, you can always put 2 eggs in one bag.

How exactly to Freeze Eggs

You will need an ice cube tray and a dozen eggs. Crack the eggs and put them in the ice cube tray and don’t add anything else, it is as simple as that. Put them in the freezer and leave them up to two hours until they are frozen solid. Remove the eggs from the freezers and in case they are stuck just put them in warm water for a minute and they will pop right out. After you have removed the eggs from the tray just add them into a gallon sized freezer safe bag and you can keep them up to one year!

If they are needed by you, simply let them stay at room temperature and they can be employed by you in any recipe. For instance, they can be utilized by you for baking, breading chicken, scrambled eggs, and french toast.

However, if you put together quality recipes which require only egg whites or egg yolks, then consider freezing them segregated already. Therefore, freeze the white into one ice cube spot and the yolk in another spot.

Other Foods YOU NEED TO Freeze

So, besides freezing eggs and glaciers, there are other substances you should freeze. These are some of the suited foods for freezing in an ice cube tray perfectly.

Homemade Stock

You are able to store about 2 tablespoons of stock and make use of it after for reheating leftovers or making a sauce.


Did you see that whenever you drink snow espresso, you get a coffee-flavored normal water? By holding caffeine in the snow cube holder and later adding it to your caffeine, you’ll get strong iced espresso.

Buttermilk and milk

When you are with leftover dairy or buttermilk often, make sure it generally does not ruin by keeping it in the fridge. Hence, you’ll have a little readily available when it’s needed always.

Lemon Juice

There are lots of quality recipes which require somewhat of lemon drink. By keeping lemon drink in the snow cube tray, you’ll have a ready lemon drink cube always.

Fresh Natural remedies in ESSENTIAL OLIVE OIL

You can maintain the taste of the natural herbs and utilize them throughout the year by stocking them in glaciers cube trays with essential olive oil.

Grated Ginger

Everybody knows how healthy ginger is. Therefore, you ought to have it accessible always. Buy fresh ginger, peel it, grate it, and store it in the ice cube trays. As a total result, you will get a ready spice for every single dish.


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